12227655_896001517119946_7518135577308545958_nSince 2013

Directing reports, coverages and trailers for shows and dance events with Pôle Pik, Festival Karavel, Biennale de la danse de Lyon, CCN de Créteil, Compagnie Kafig, Pockemon Crew, Swaggers, Dyptik, Voltaik, Espace des sens…


Since 2010

Director and/or Cinematographer for corporate movies for companies as : GE Healthcare, EDF, Areva, Eiffage, Vinci, Delpharm, GCC, Capi France, Vincent Industries, ACOEM…




April 2015

Directing “behind the scenes” videos for APM Terminal advertisement campaign, produced by Evercom Studios Cinéma



Since 2013

Directing TV commercials for Human Rights in Lithuania with the French Institute of Vilnius






Codirecting a feature-length documentary, We Can Be Gay Today, rewarded in many festivals around the world





Directing videos (reports, short movies) for the Les Films d’à côté association (The Movies Next Door), video coverage of film festivals such as Festival Lumière, Gerardmer International Fantastic Film Festival, Hallucinations Collectives, Villeurbanne Short Film Festival…


Since 2011

Directing Team Building music videos




Since 2010

Cinematographer, Camera Operator and Gaffer on many Music Videos for bands and artists such as : Pagadixx, Romain Ughetto, Celkilt, 99WTD, BRG, Alone with Wolves, CTTO, PRN…




Since 2009

Director of Photography on many short films (selective list) :
A l’ombre des Choux (dir. Emma Pellegrino, 2015)
Off The Road (dir. Romain Bourzeix, 2015)
2.0 (dir. Hakim Fdaouch, 2014)
Gagne-Pain (dir. Nathalie Epoque, 2013)
La Chimère et le Chasseur (dir. Hakim Fdaouch, 2013)
Prends ta bible et tire-toi (Take your Bible and get out) (dir. Alexis Wawerka, 2012)
Baby Doll (dir. Nathalie Epoque, 2012)
Putain de Briquet (Fucking Lighter) (dir. Guillaume Defare, 2011)
Répulsions (dir. Jeff Loch, 2011)
Passage à Niveaux
(dir. Jean-Baptiste Drouet, 2011)
Le Clou qui dépasse (dir. Guillaume Defare, 2010)
Bassine-moi (dir. Natacha Rosco, 2010)
Les Errants
(The Wanderers) (dir. Guillaume Defare, 2010)




Languages spoken

French and English (fluent), German (scolar)


Driving licence
Electrical clearance B2V – BR
1 star CMAS diving


2009 : Arts and Cinema Licence
2007 : Audiovisual High Level Technician Certificate


– Adobe CC2015 : Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom, Encore
– MPEG Streamclip, AVI Demux, subtitle Workshop and many others

Other abilities

– 11 years of classical theater as an actor
– 5 years of guitar
– 2 years of cinema reviews at Radio Brume 90.7 (Lyon, France)
– 3 years of cinema reviews on Les Films d’à côté’s website (The Movies Next Door)
– 6 years of organizing cinema screenings for associations like La Boulangerie du Prado (Lyon, France)